Wednesday, January 11, 2012

100 Bottles Of Red Wine May Keep You Happy Like Some Lab Mice

There are so many people that would love to find out that wine was more healthful than harmful. As time goes on science will help us separate the facts and understand the truth. In the mean time, a compound derived from red wine, reversitrol, increased the life span and health of obese mice.

“After six months, resveratrol essentially prevented most of the negative effects of the high calorie diet in mice,” said Rafael de Cabo, Ph.D., the study’s other co-senior investigator from the National Institute on Aging’s Laboratory of Experimental Gerontology, Aging, Metabolism, and Nutrition Unit. “There is a lot of work ahead that will help us better understand resveratrol’s roles and the best applications for it.”

So, now scientists and non-scientists are speculating that reversitrol may be a miraculous substance that can enhance the health of portly people as well as people who maintain a healthy weight.

You can read more about the research on reversitrol by following this link. We encourage you to pay special attention to the cautious words of Dr. Eisenson. He reminds us that results that we see in lab animals often do not occur in humans. So, lets see what happens.

We would be thrilled if reversitrol had miraculous effects on people. We would be hard-pressed to chug down the 100 bottles of wine we would need to consume to get the equivalent reversitrol that the mice in the study got. However, we are sure that scientists can figure out how to put it in a pill – without the hangover.

So, while scientists subject the preliminary data on wine extracts to more scrutiny, we can point you to another strategy for health that is well-founded. According to this New York Story the current Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, is going to run in the New York City Marathon this weekend. In response to diabetes, he willed his way through dramatic weight loss. He went from significantly overweight, to marathon runner.

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